Biohacker Summit 2022 Amsterdam


Biohacker Summit 2022 Amsterdam

BIOHACKER SUMMIT 2022 Amsterdam was successfully over!


Thank you so much to everyone I met at BIOHACKER SUMMIT in Amsterdam!


I never expected so much lovely feedback from people who saw my speech on the main stage! 


My speech was about how to hack your ego through Zen practice.


As I mentioned in the speech, cleaning is the best way to face your ego through negative emotions. 


We can find many biohacking things in Zen practice or any spiritual tradition. 


I am pleased that I could combine my guided meditation with a handpan. 


Music is one of the most powerful tools for our human consciousness. It can be a key for the door you need to open.


Thank you, Teemu Arina and Tateki Matsuda, for this opportunity.


I am enjoying very much riding this spaceship.


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