Biohacker Summit 2022 Helsinki


Biohacker Summit 2022 Helsinki

BIOHACKER SUMMIT 2022 was successfully over!

I understand that biohacking is an orientation toward the ultimate enhancement of physical and mental health through all means, including diet (including supplements), exercise, and technology.

I never imagined that I would be giving my first public speech in English. I talked about my perspective on biohacking, both the physical side and the mental side. On the physical side, I spoke about Buddhist monks' vegetarian cooking, fermented brown rice, homemade miso, and traditional Japanese pickles (Nuka-zuke). Those fermented foods help the function of intestinal bacteria that controls immunity. On the mental side, I spoke about meditation, which contributes significantly to our mental health. At the end of my speech, I guided Zen music meditation by playing my handpan to help them into a meditative state of mind.

Many people are in well-being fields such as yoga, healing, and coaching. Also, many people are working on web3 areas such as blockchain and NFT. I was so pleased that those people praised my speech and performance. After the conference, many people asked for photos and hugs, and I received more rave reviews than I could have imagined.

At the end of the conference, we decided to have an impromptu live performance with Magdalena. She sings healing songs with her shamanic voice. Still, even after most of the audience had gone, people kept coming back as soon as it started, and by the end, the room was full again.

After the conference, there was an after-party at the artificial beach on the 4th basement floor of the largest shopping mall in Scandinavia. I performed the most extended live performance in my history (75 minutes) with a beatbox, handpan, guitar, and a modern Japanese harp. After the show, there was another round of hugs.

Many people in Japan have received me well. Still, I am delighted to see the extraordinarily positive reactions I receive overseas.
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