Short Documentary in UK


 The last day of the tour

It was the last day of our three-month tour in Europe. I thought it would be a day of packing our luggage for the three months (one more checked baggage, making it five...). Still, a media team suddenly asked me in London to shoot a short documentary.
We spent an entire day filming and interviewing at an art studio in London and a full day at a pagoda in London.
I have been interviewed by multiple national and international media. Generally speaking, how I feel and what I can talk about depends significantly on the trust between the interviewer and me. All I want during an interview is an atmosphere where I can be relaxed and comfortable. Fortunately, I felt I was in the space on this day.

It was just not enough to have a good relationship for a deep conversation about my life and spirituality with someone because we only exchanged e-mails and had a brief Zoom meeting.

When you are asked a penetrating question, if you don't have the context and shared understanding to answer it, you will be asked, "Why did you ask me that question?

Suppose you are asked a penetrating question and don't have the context and shared understanding to answer it. In that case, the question becomes, "why do you ask me that?" because my answer will be superficial.

However, in this documentary filming, from the moment I met the crew, I felt a sense of security that was different from anything I had ever experienced.

In particular, the director, Olivia, had worked in the music industry for a long time. I later learned that she had worked with many superstars, such as Elle XXI and Britney Sears (and many others), and I was impressed by her career. I was impressed. She is very respectful and shows me in her words and attitude that she is not here to take pictures of me as she wants to take photos of me.

I think this trust was born naturally from the fact that we share not only music but also many other topics. Additionally, I believe we are connected on a deeper level, in a sense, because we are on the same spiritual layer.



Also, I would like to share another serendipity. I posted an edited reel of the vertical video of the BEHIND THE SCENE shoot on Instagram. I hope you will enjoy this reel.

I met the woman who filmed BEHIND THE SCENE by chance when I returned to London from Brighton with a back injury. At the same time, IO was carrying a large piece of baggage and was waiting for 2 hours for my Uber. Unfortunately, There was a strike, so I had to arrange a cab to get back home I stay.  

With that said, a lady came close to me...
Lady: She called out to me (in Chinese...).
Me: No, I'm Japanese, so I said, "I don't understand Chinese" (in English).
Lady: "You are a performer, aren't you?" (In English)
Me: (I️ was surprised)Oh, yeah, yeah. Do you know me?
Lady: 'Yes, I saw you on the internet.
and then
Me: 'Wow, finally, someone talked to me in a foreign country. It almost made me feel I am famous enough, but you are just mistaken."
Lady: I'm sorry..."

 "Do you live here? What do you do? I asked her multiple questions.

She was a woman who had just graduated from an art school in London with a Master's degree in documentary filmmaking. Even though I had only met her a few days ago, I could tell she had a pleasant personality from the small talk with her.

She said she would like to know about any event I would perform at. Well, I told that if she would be interested in coming to see my short documentary. I would be happy to do some behind-the-scenes filming by an experienced individual anyway. And she agreed to come.

"Go with the flow.

This phrase came out a lot from many people during this tour in the EU and myself.

In the past, If someone says, "Why don't you just go with the flow? I used to feel "How irresponsible!"
But nowadays, my answer is "yes."

We all tend to think, "it has to be this way, it has to be this way, it has to be this way! Because this is how it's supposed to be! !!!!"

If you are bound by the conventional way of thinking and doing things, you will suffer more and more in this modern era.

I have just arrived safely at Narita Airport with these thoughts in mind. Thanks a lot to those who supported and enjoyed my music. I have learned a lot from this tour.

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