Zen Music Meditation at Meetea, Prague, Czech


Zen Music Meditation @Meetea Prague, Czech

2days event in Prague has successfully done. Thank you everyone for joining my session!

Day1: Zen Music Meditation
Day2: Ecstatic Zen Dance

Though the approach for each day was different, I intended to share an opportunity to experience mindfulness and silence, take a look deep inside, and open up themselves.

Since my stay in Berlin, I've been traveling with a super talented videographer Shu Kojima, who also takes beautiful photos and videos of me in the E.U.

We are filming footage to make music videos and my documentary.

I would like to share some pictures, so you can feel amazing vibes from Prague. (Photo credit @Shu Kojima)

Event Discription

We would like to invite You to meditative performance with our special guest. Lets share present moment and mindful music under open sky with cup of tea.

Yogetsu Akasaka is a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk/meditation music creator. He mindfully creates live-looping music with beatboxing, handpan, and Buddhist chanting.

He became a Zen Buddhist monk after performing in 8 different cities in the world as a beatboxer. After years of practicing with his master, he also practiced in San Francisco Zen Center, and other Zen temples in the United States experiencing Zen from different perspectives.
After leaving monastic practice, he decided to express concepts of Zen Buddhism, such as “Be mindful” and Ichi-go-ichi-e, meaning ‘One time, One meeting’, through his mindfully created music.
One of his YouTube videos, “Heart Sutra Live-looping Remix,” went viral in 2020, reaching 3million views. Best of all, he says, his music helps people in various ways.
Entrace 400,-
Includes the cup of tea
We recommend to arrive earlier, our studio is open 12 - 20 as usual.
Wish to dance on Yogetsu's music instead meditation? Visit his second performance on thursday in our studio:


Facebook Event Page

Day1> https://fb.me/e/3nChNIyxA

Day2> https://fb.me/e/1FpZgkS6d

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