Viirelaid Private Island


DJ MISS MONIQUE – Adults Only @Viirelaid Private Island

I was invited to perform at a private event in Viirelaid Private Island after BLISSTONIA Festival 2022 last weekend.

The headliner is Miss Monique, a popular female DJ with over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and I am going to perform at the end. My job is to slow people down gradually after they enjoy party.

The organizer asked me to create the vibes, which brings a meditative, healing atmosphere at the end, so that everyone could sleep until noon.

In the one hour set, we will start off with a full-on blast, and then slow down as much as possible, which is the complete opposite of what we usually do! The mission is to make you dance around in the beginning and fall asleep at the end.

I'll be performing at 2am-3am the night before I leave Estonia, then straight from this island to Tallinn airport a little after 9am! I got such a nice accommodation, but it doesn't look like there will be much time to sleep!

Event Discription

Want to have a special experience? Share the event and you can get it at our expense.
Do you feel how the sun brings you positive energy?

Do you feel the feeling of summer and mystical nature?If so, it’s time to start thinking about summer, because it’s not far away. In order to have something to expect, we are organizing a hot stay in Viirelaid in the summer. If you’ve been, you know what this place is and why you should come again. If not, then maybe it would be time to come and enjoy our charms.

The event we’re doing isn’t just a party, it’s something special. We offer you 24 hours of joy and well-being. Come enjoy the untouched nature, SUP or swim with the seals, enjoy our best drinks by the sommelier by the pool and listen to good music.In the evening we will be visited by MISS MONIQUE and she will take us to a foreign land – be it Ibiza or Tulum – the choice is yours!

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