web3 Summer Party in Berlin, Germany


Web 3 Summer Party in Berlin, Germany @Private Party

I was invited to perform at a private party in Berlin, Germany.

This event is a private party, so I can't share much, but I would say that the hosts and this event pushed my back to challenger my career as a bankless monk during this summer.

People at this party are from web3 and crypto community are very supportive of my project.

Event Discription

Berghain DJs
Beetboxing Monk from Japan
Experimental collective live painting on wall canvas

Live painting with sparkles
Kids pool
Ice cream truck

Ice bath
Red Light Therapy

Vegan chef for the party
Miso making workshop
Meditation with live music

I carry total 100 kg of my luggage and equipment. All your support goes to my travel expense such as extra bag fee and transportation from a country to country in EU. Once again, thanks those who sent me BTC and ETH.
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