BLISSTONIA Festival 2022


BLISSTONIA Festival 2022

BLISSTONIA Festival 2022, a ecstatic dance festival will be my last gig in Estonia!

Ecstatic dance is usually alcohol/drug free event, so that people can discover their huge potential through the movement of the body with music.

It is very popular in Europe, especially Finland and Estonia have some animism tradition which is related to its explosion.

The Ecstatic Alcohol-Free Dance Party, also known as the "clean" or a substance-free dance party, is coming to Estonia! This new and increasingly popular entertainment phenomenon has its roots in the spread of yoga and healthy lifestyles in the last decade. Now, hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy these parties for their health benefits and fun atmosphere.

At the BLISSTONIA Festival 2022, you can experience this unique form of entertainment firsthand. Ecstatic is the word that best describes the feeling at a Blisstonia party. It's a place where you can let loose and dance like nobody's watching. The music is pumping and the energy is electric. It's the perfect place to meet new friends and have a great time. If you're looking for a party that's clean, safe, and fun, then Blisstonia is a perfect choice.

Unexpected Encounter

I met Drukmo Gyal, a Tibetan esoteric mantra singer from Tibet, at the largest Ecstatic Dance Festival 'BLISSTONIA Festival 2022' in Estonia. I got to know her when I happened to find her on YouTube.

Green Tara Mantra -Drukmo Gyal-.

This song, which currently has 1.4 million views, is a mantra of Green Tara (Tara Bodhisattva). I was setting up and rehearsing at the venue when she walked past me and I thought I had seen her somewhere before, and then she started singing the Green Tara mantra at her rehearsal. I went over to say hi to her later, and she thought she had seen me somewhere before, too.

We both watched it on YouTube and were thrilled to have met in an unexpected place.She had started living in Estonia a few years ago for a reason, and I thought what a coincidence.

I had received some comments on my YouTube channel asking me to collaborate with Drukmo Gyal, and I was wondering if we would meet somewhere someday, but I never thought we would meet in Estonia...

As for my performance, it was a great success again!

I was approached by many people at the venue afterward and I could tell that they were really moved by my performance and it makes me really happy every time.

(I hope to be able to show the video on YouTube at a later date, as it was recorded and filmed very well)

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